Fighting Words NI now offers free creative writing workshops to community organisations working with children and young people across Northern Ireland. We work with afterschool and homework clubs, youth groups, sports clubs and scouts, disability groups…..and any other type of youth group.

Our collaborative 2-hour Storymaking Workshops are lively and interactive, involving brainstorming, voting, role play, loads of laughter and plenty of wonderfully silly ideas!

We know everyone is creative and they already have all that they need to write their own imaginative story, but a healthy dose of magic dust can help. The magic dust is our volunteers, who give encouragement and support to help every child draw out their own creativity and thoroughly enjoy the process!

We also offer collaborative Songwriting workshops and Write Clubs.

If you are involved in any sort of group or club for ages 6 to 18 and you’re interested in a creative writing session, please fill in this short form and our community engagement officer will get back to you as soon as possible, or email Niamh at

We can accommodate up to 25 children in each workshop, and it works best when they are fairly close in age. We can either come to your venue or arrange transport to a Fighting Words NI hub in a local theatre. We can offer workshops after school hours or in the evenings.

For a short time, Families or groups can also drop into our pop-up writer’s studio, The Pencil Portal, at Banana Block, on Newtownards Road and spend some time reading, writing and imagining, in the world of a writer.

The Pencil Portal is open for drop-ins during Banana Block opening hours or contact Niamh if you’d like to arrange a group visit.

Online Zoom workshops are also possible if needed.