Fighting Words NI Volunteer Blog: Relaunch!

Hi everyone, 


I hope this little blog entry finds you well – thank you for taking the time to log onto this page! Some of you might remember that the blog was something we ran previously here at Fighting Words NI, but it’s gone quiet over the last year. We’re hoping to change that now though, and that this will become an active space for updates and news again! 


What can I expect from this blog? 

For now, we’re going to use this blog as a space to share updates on our programme delivery, fundraising, our new space in Connswater and more. We’ll also be introducing the team behind Fighting Words NI, and we’re hoping to use this as a platform to promote you, our fabulous volunteers and the work that you do – be that your volunteering journey, tips and tricks, your personal achievements, your own artwork or stories or just little thoughts and musings! 


What about workshop schedules and activities? 

Well, there might be a little bit of scheduling updates here, but these will mostly be circulated through our weekly emails – we're also in the middle of reworking some of our communication channels for the new academic year, so stay tuned for more news! 


What if I have an awesome idea for this blog? 

AMAZING NEWS! We love to see the creativity! If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see, or even something you’d like to write for this blog, please ping me an email over at I’ll get back to you as soon as I can – ideally, I would love for this to become a space created by volunteers, for volunteers and to foster a bit of a community for us so please don’t be shy in getting involved!