One Story, Many Endings book launch

A book co-written by children at Fighting Words Belfast

Saturday 12th July saw the launch of One Story, Many Endings, a book co-written by children at Fighting Words Belfast in collaboration with over 200 children from 12 different countries around the world. 


On the Wednesday before the launch, three of the book's young writers took part in a panel event alongside Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby and Roddy Doyle, discussing everything from their favourite books and sources of inspiration to what to do when you have writers' block. 


"If you're stuck, talk it over with your best friend," Alec, aged 12, advised.


Dave Eggers agreed, adding, "Anything that works for you, you've got to keep doing - even if nobody else is doing it."


Both events were part of Write for a Bright Future, an international gathering of organisations and projects  inspired by the 826 centres in the United States, hosted by the Ministry of Stories in London.


Attached photo: Hannah Armstrong from Fighting Words Belfast with three of the project's patrons at Wednesday 8th July's panel event in Second Home, London: Dave Eggers, founder of 826 Valencia; Nick Hornby of Ministry of Stories and Roddy Doyle of Fighting Words in Dublin.