That One Time

Fighting Words and Fighting Words NI are honoured to share the stories, poems and illustrations included in THAT ONE online anthology by frontline workers and their families.

The powerful and moving writing included in THAT ONE TIME...will give you a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the heroes of our communities all over the island of Ireland.

As documentary filmmaker Alan Gilsenan notes in his introduction, " one inside these virtual pages claims to be a hero. They are just doing their jobs, as they often tell us. Or simply doing what they imagine to be right.  What used to be called ‘the decent thing.’ The stuff of community and solidarity. Of looking after your own and your neighbours.  But it’s hard not to see something heroic in it all, unavoidable and essential though the work may be.  And there are young people here too - brave and appreciative and understanding - belying the stereotype and telling their tales too."

We invite you to explore these pages and enjoy the powerful, moving reflections of the heroes in our communities all over the island of Ireland.