The Right Twig: Young Playwright's programme launched

THE RIGHT TWIG is an exciting new young playwrights’ programme with Fighting Words Belfast and the Lyric Theatre. It is open to anyone age 14-18 who wants to write for theatre. Come along to a couple of taster sessions and get in touch to find out more!

Look up in the sun’s eye and give

What the exultant heart calls good

That some new day may breed the best

Because you gave, not what they would

But the right twigs for an eagle’s nest!

       -W.B. Yeats

Writers have to start somewhere, and playwrights have it the hardest. Scripts need lots of collaboration – not to mention performers and an audience – before they start to take shape. THE RIGHT TWIG will give 8 young people in Belfast (ages 14-18) the chance to write new pieces for the stage, and see professional directors and actors bring them to life. We’ll work from the foundations up – whether you’re trying play-writing for the first time or already love theatre and want to dive deeper. This is the first time Fighting Words Belfast and the Lyric have collaborated, and we can’t wait to get started.

TASTERS (October & November 2018)

These theatre visits, Q&A sessions and workshops are free and open to 14 to 18-year-olds and will give a glimpse of what The Right Twig drama and writing workshops will be like. Places are limited to 12 per taster – e-mail to book.

Good Vibrations (+ Q&A) at Lyric Theatre 
Tuesday 2nd October, 6:15 pm (includes ticket to the 7:45 pm show)

 “New York has the haircuts, London has the trousers, but Belfast has the reason!”

See the iconic new stage show about Belfast punk legend Terri Hooley, adapted by Glenn Patterson and Colin Carberry from their original screenplay, and meet some of the creative team who made the show happen. 

Double Cross (+ Q&A) at Lyric Theatre

Sunday 21st October, 2:30pm (includes ticket to the 2:45pm show)

“We are one. You and I are one. Why then are we at war?”

Double Cross is a play by Thomas Kilroy, directed by the Lyric’s Executive Producer Jimmy Fay, telling the true story of how fake news won the Battle for Britain during World War II. See the show and afterwards meet the theatre professionals involved.

X-Town – Drama & writing workshop at Fighting Words Belfast
Saturday 3rd November, 1 – 3 pm 

“There are many stories about X-Town. All of them are true. Everything happened.”

This fast-moving, hands-on workshop, presented with Accidental Theatre, builds on everyone’s ideas, using improvisation and writing to create new characters and tiny performances that bring X-Town to life. See how stories become theatre and watch your ideas take dramatic shape. 

THE RIGHT TWIG PROGRAMME (January – March 2019)

Starting in January 2019, RIGHT TWIG participants will take part in a series of workshops, learning about theatre straight from writers, directors, performers, designers, dramaturgs, and other creative professionals. In-depth writing workshops will help each writer develop a new play. These brand-new pieces will be performed as part of the Belfast Children’s Festival in a showcase on 10th March at the Lyric’s Naughton Studio.


THE RIGHT TWIG is open to anyone age 14-18 who wants to write for theatre. Coming to a taster session is a great way to start. Even if you can’t make it to a taster, we’d still love to hear from you. Spread the word to any teenage writers or drama geeks in your life: this is the place for them.

Write to by 1st December 2018 to let us know you’re interested, & we’ll be in touch with more info.