Maire Callaghan

Máire Callaghan has been with Fighting Words NI right since the beginning in 2015.  To have counted her among our group of incredible volunteers for almost seven years, we must be doing something right!

Our volunteers join us for so many interesting reasons and Maire’s was wanting to find a way to reconnect with Belfast, meet new people and do something worthwhile after living in London, Munich and Dublin for 30 years!!

When asked to name her favourite thing about volunteering, she says:  

“I love the sound of the children’s excited voices as they arrive for a workshop and their delight in the space at Skainos (on Belfast’s Newtownards Road, where Fighting Words NI is based) and its amazing views over Belfast.  Also, the opportunity to be a voice of encouragement to so many young people. My involvement with the Write Club has been a very special experience and I am constantly inspired by the courage and talent of this group.”

After seven years volunteering with us, there’s one particular aspect of working with children and young people that continues to surprise and delight Máire.

“There are countless occasions when a child who is normally quiet in the classroom becomes confident and highly motivated in a workshop – it is very rewarding to discover this later and realise that you have in some way helped this happen.”

Máire’s talents don’t end with volunteering, however.  She is the proud owner of a Blue Peter Badge that she was awarded aged nine for her designs of a jumper with integrated gloves, which she is astounded did not make it to mainstream fashion.  A ‘glumper’??? For those of you who don’t know, a Blue Peter Badge is a VERY BIG DEAL!

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