Down Below

Bloomfield Collegiate School, Year 9
23rd June 2022

Another day of making coffee. The bell over the door rings and one of Sally’s regular customers come in.

“Just the usual” said Owen, who works at the veterinary practice down the street.

“Two years and you’re still ordering the same coffee I don’t know how you don’t get sick of it” said Sally.

“It gives me energy, gets me through the day” says Owen. “Speaking of my day, how’s your day been?”

“Pretty stressful” Sally replies. Suddenly, a rattling roar sound comes from below. Sally misses the coffee cup and spills coffee everywhere. She stops for a brief moment and they both stare at each other. Sally asks Owen “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah” Owen replies nervously, “What was that?”...


The Search for the Centaur

St. John the Baptist's College
22nd June 2022

John the dragon lifted a book about centaurs from his extensive library. He was one thousand years old and knew everything from the books but he had always dreamt of finding a centaur. There were loads of sightings of centaurs over the years so John wanted to research to find out more. He opened the book to the first page but then one of his dragon friends came in to see him. 

“What are you reading?” said Levi as he squeezed through the door, his broad shoulders hitting against the door frame.

John said, “I’m reading a book about centaurs. I’d love to find one.” 

Levi said to John, “I can give you some information on where to find one, but it will come at a price..."


Bloomfield Collegiate School, Y.8/9
16th June 2022

“This is so stupid. Why would they run into a haunted house?,” said Kris, stuffing a handful of sweet and salty popcorn into her mouth and staring avidly at the screen.

“This is garbage,” agreed John. “When did it come out?”

“1978,” said Kris. “Three years ago. Why would they follow a scream in the house?”

“Classic horror movie st-”


The Mystery of the Golden Chip

Seamus Heaney Homeplace, Bellaghy
Write Club Junior
14th of June 2022


Twinkle is a fairy who lives with her friend Isaac in Bellaghy beside the Bawn.  Isaac found a golden chip a few days ago. They found the golden chip in a pile of chips in The Village Chippy. The golden potato king found out about this and he wanted the Golden chip. 


He found out about the Golden chip when he was sitting on a potato throne. The throne was a giant potato that was carved to look like a big chair...

Dec Becomes a Hero

Young Writers Afterschool Club
Seamus Heaney Homeplace, Bellaghy
7th of June 2022

Chapter 1

Once there was a puppy called Declan who lived in a very dark alley in Bellaghy. When he was only a few weeks old he met Mick the puppy. He loved to play with his best friend Mick the puppy. 

He was playing and he saw a bigger dog and ever since, he was scared of bigger dogs in case he was eaten by one of them. He ran away and then felt guilty for not talking to the dog. 

The big talking dog muttered to himself, “ I wish I had some friends.”

Declan went to the Seamus Heaney Homeplace to the garden and ran around like a mad dog with Mick. The Seamus Heaney homeplace is a calm place where you can read all about Seamus Heaney’s poems. 

Declan went to the Bawn, a black and white building beside Poet’s Corner and he saw a dog in it. The dog ran away from him because he was big and scary...

The Alien Who Goes Down to Earth

Young Writers Afterschool Club
Seamus Heaney Homeplace, Bellaghy
1st session 31st of May 2022

Jimmy Bob and Jimmy Jo were aliens from Gibberish World. They had round heads like pizzas, three eyes and five BILLION ears. They had fifty legs and a stomach with massive eyeballs and a big mouth.

One day, Jimmy Bob and Jimmy Jo went out to play football. They were playing in the swimming pool which was green. Everybody else wanted to play basketball except for Jimmy Bob and Jimmy Jo. Their friends realised they couldn’t play basketball because they didn’t have a hoop to shoot it into...

The Fight of the Blobs

Augher Primary School, P5
25th May 2022

Once upon a time there was a green blob named Timmy exploring balloon land with his one-eyed blue blob friend named Cara. They saw Evila on a red balloon and she tried to capture them in her balloon. Then they blew up their balloons which sent them to Mars. They found a rope at the bottom of Mars and made a ladder to Jupiter. They swung the rope over to Saturn and then went to Saturn. Then they explored Saturn and saw a giant yellow blob jumping around. They used his bouncing powers to get to Uranus as Evila couldn't get them there.

Cara said to Timmy, “Let's go back to find the orange blob to see if she can help us.”
Timmy said, “We can't go back because Evila has captured her!”...

Tim the magic dog

Harmony Primary School P5 & P4
24th of May 2022

Tim found the teddy when he was a baby and that’s what started his powers. He found it when he was playing in the basement. He was a dog and his powers were that he was able to glow in the dark. He had blue and purple fur. When he sees other dogs, he turns pink. There was a children's playroom in the basement and when he saw that there were other dogs in there, they laughed at him and he turned pink. He got bullied so Tim ran away to tell his mummy. The teddy started to glow red. His mummy looked curious and scared...

The Death of Nero

Home Ed Group
19th May 2022

It was a sunny day in Rome and Diamand was on the roof. In the distance the volcano in Pompeii erupted, sending a huge cloud of smoke and orange lava, thousands of feet into the air! 

All of a sudden what looked like paper shot across the sky and hit Diamand in the face....


Speechless in the Shadows

St. Ronan's College, Year 10
18th May 2022

Everything was different back then. The shadows didn’t cling to the diseased land, the sky wasn’t a stormy purple, there used to be happiness among the people of Ravenshelm. The once pink skies and rose bushes had rotted into thunderstorms and dead thorns.  My family called me Alice, or at least I think they did, I was so young when they were taken from me. Now, I take from others with my new family. They took me in and put me to work, starting out with pickpocketing before moving up the ranks to doing heists and stealing from the rich to pay off The Spider...