The Adventure of Liam and Lulu

Carmoney Primary School, P5
June 21st 2016

One dark thundery night in the rain forest, Liam the leopard heard gunfire. He looked up at the red star in the sky and saw Lulu the dragon fly by.

The gunfire was getting nearer and nearer and Liam was running faster and faster.

“Help me! Help me!” roared Liam to Lulu.

Lulu flew away.  There were poachers and hunters all around.

“I must help Liam before he gets caught,” she thought to herself.

Liam was running towards the hunters and poachers but he didn’t know it. Lulu called on all the other dragons to help.

“Chhhhhhxxxxxxxxxer sschhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” she growled.

The dragons heard and understood.  But by the time the dragons got there, Liam had turned back into a boy, and Lulu had turned into a small lizard, like they do every morning…