The Adventures of Bob the Frog

Scoil an Droichid, R6
10th January 2024A boot squashing a house with two frogs and a raddish running away

In a swamp one day a radioactive building blew up and Bob the frog came to life. He discovered he was able to talk. The first food he encountered was spaghetti. People were chasing him for it so he thought it was rare. Then he ran into another frog called Jimmy, who was teal and green, and they became best friends.

Bob and Jimmy travelled through the mountains and lakes of spaghetti until they finally found the perfect home, a nice wooden cabin, filled with spaghetti.  His bed was made of spaghetti, so if they got hungry, they could just eat it.

After they got their new home organised, suddenly a pet turnip, called Timothy, turned up. Then the pet turnip was pulled out of the ground by a human, who stepped on Bob and Jimmy’s log cabin.  


Bob had to avenge the loss of the turnip and his spaghetti house being destroyed. He cried for days because he had no spaghetti at home.  He went to the shop and bought more spaghetti… but people came and stole it. He went over to the human’s house and then he hopped into the kitchen and saved the turnip from the boiling pot.

The human noticed that the turnip was missing and saw the frog running away with it.  So he got a spatula out of the drawer and tried hitting the frog with it, but Bob the frog hid in the hedge.  Bob was walking and hopping down the street for hours until he found an Indian cookbook that had a purple cover, with chicken curry on the front. 

Now he has decided to escape to India…

Two frogs walking through hills covered in flowers. One frog is blue and the other is green. There is a house in the background

A frog eating three bowls of spaghetti next to a smiling radish