The Adventures of Bob, the One and Only Blob

St Bernard's Primary School, P6
27th September 2023

One extremely dark night, a strange half-monkey half-human scientist was messing around with his chemicals, and accidentally made Bob the Blob.

Bob took a translator out of the laboratory and that helped him communicate in English. Bob used grunts but on the machine, it came out as English.

Bob tumbled away from the laboratory to escape from the scientist, and after an hour of looking for a water source he found a jungle! 

Bob found a puddle and discovered that water disintegrated him. He gave a really loud grunt. A panda called George heard it and ran and took him into a cave. George lit a fire to regrow Bob’s slime. He had overheard the scientist talking to himself when he was looking for metal near the laboratory.

George had always wanted to get his paws on the translator, but hadn’t been able to because it had been hidden in the laboratory. George knew that the scientist was going to pollute the jungle by pressing a secret button that released greenhouse gases!

George suddenly sank through the ground and got bigger. Bob translated that he had accidentally pressed the button and the gases were mutating George.
“Uh oh!” said George…

character ideas, illustration by Sinead Farry