The Adventures of Chairman

St John Primary School, Gilford, P6/7

A rocking chair with tired eyes flying through the sky next to an angry bird
Illustration by Ben Claxton

9th January 2024

Mr Chairman, the rainbow coloured rocking chair was still in bed,it was past midday. He was feeling lazy and just didnt want to get up. He was hungry and wanted to order pizza but the store was closed.He decided to fly to supermarket to buy ingredients to make a pizza.

While he was flying a hawk collided into him and one of his rockers fell off. The hawk flew off and the chair crashed to the ground.Mr.Chairman was very angry.He shouted at the bird 

“ Arrghhhh !!!” The bird just flew off. 

A black hole opened and sucked him in .And he found himself lying on the floor of the back room of the chair store. It was dark but when his eyes adjusted, he saw a shopkeeper.When the shopkeeper saw Mr.Chairman open his eyes he screamed…