The Adventures of James and the Yoke down in the Valley-O

St Patrick's High School, Year 8
12th March 2024

Vincent went back to jail for stealing the tractor; Yoke. The Yoke, is a big time travel machine (in the form of a tractor) that James needs to travel back to  1914 in Berlin, to stop his beloved cousin Vincent from becoming evil. Vincent became evil when James punched him and accidently broke his arm.The Yoke was parked at the end of the Rattling Bog road. And the valley is at the start of the road. When the valley flooded it overflowed and it corroded the Yoke’s  engine.

When James is on his travels to find the parts to fix the Yoke, he comes across his arch nemesis Simon. When they were younger Simon broke James toy Yoke. Ever since then James had set out to get his revenge. Suddenly the ghost of the Yoke came and dragged Simon into the valley…