The Adventures of the Ninja Winja and Milly Willy

HEdNI group
16th November 2023

Rebecca was Winja’s fiance. She had blonde hair and brown eyes and magic powers that let her speak to toys. Winja was dangerous and not scared of much. He was half ninja and half wizard. He had lots of cool weapons to fight with: a sword, a bamboo ninja stick, an axe, and a churican. His best friend was his pet dragon, Striker who was a big black dragon with three heads who could breathe lightning, fire, and ice. 

Winja actually liked Milly Willy better than his fiance. Rebecca was insanely jealous of Milly Willy. Rebecca decided to make a plan to make Milly Willy leave. She was going to throw churicans at Milly Willy. 

But Milly Willy was immortal and nothing could harm her. Except DRAGONS!!

Rebecca got mad and said to herself, “I’m going to marry someone else.”

But there were ten copies of Milly Willy who couldn’t be destroyed by anything, at least not anything on Earth…


Illustration by Theresa Murphy