The Amazing Adventure of Frosty and Sam

Laurelhill Community College, Y8
29th June 2023

Frosty the Penguin lived in the Lisburn Aquarium. One day, he was fishing out of a helicopter over the Titanic when he accidentally caught a shark. Once Frosty the Penguin caught the shark, he fell into the sea and the shark brought him to safety.

‘Thank you for saving my life!’ said Frosty in a very tired voice, full of disbelief. ‘But I need to get back up to my helicopter, because I nearly dropped my box of macarons!’

‘Why wouldn’t you stay with me? I’m lonely, and I don’t have any friends,’ replied the shark. ‘The whole ocean is scared of me, because of my enormous, gleaming chompers!’

‘I’ll go and get my macarons, and bring them down here, and we can share them,’ said Frosty.

Frosty jumped back up to his helicopter, and when he came back down he said, ‘I’m Frosty – what’s your name and where do you live?’

‘I’m Sam the Shark, we can go to my shark cove and discuss about ourselves over some macarons!’ replied the shark.

They swam to the Shark Cove, and on the way they saw a giant Goliath Grouper. Frosty screamed ‘MAMMA MIA!’ and swam back up to the surface. After a lot of persuading, Frosty finally went down with Sam to the historic wreckage of the Titanic.

They swam to the café of the Titanic, and Frosty said, ‘Something I really want to learn is loads of different languages.’

They suddenly heard a really loud BANG on the side of the Titanic, like something big had crashed into them. It ricocheted through the entire shipwreck. A light shined in, alerting them, and Frosty saw a submarine full of millions of tiny fish and screamed…