The Amazing Adventures of Willow and Robin

St Mary's Star of the Sea Primary School, P7

17th April 2024

It’s been four years since I lived here, fighting off monsters and protecting our forest.

My name is Willow and my best friend was a Husky dog named Robin. He liked to eat monsters and he helped me defeat them. 

And this is our story…

It was a normal day in the forest when suddenly a monster jumped out of nowhere. This monster was a lower level monster and Robin defeated him easily. That was his breakfast! I gave him a treat for being such a good boy. It was a monster bone.

Suddenly a great darkness came over the forest. I said to Robin, ‘Quickly! Let’s get into the house.’ I was imagining that there might be more monsters coming out of the woods. Although I’d lived here for about four years now, I still couldn’t get over the fact that monsters roamed around. Then we looked out the window and there was a big shadow. It was the monster’s daddy. It had two heads!

Me and Robin ran out and I grabbed my magic sword to defeat the fearsome ginormous monster. I jumped on Robin’s back (although he doesn’t really like it) and I used my magic sword to slay the monster’s first head. I said to Robin, ‘I guess the second head is more powerful than the first one, because that was really easy. We better defeat this monster quick, because now he’s ruining our crops.’

We were growing potatoes, corn, cabbages, apples and carrots, until I realised the monster was stamping on the crops.

Just then, he ran away and Robin and I chased him. A note fell out of his pocket.

It was from the monster that killed my parents!...