Amelia’s Fantastic Adventure

Birches Primary School, P7
13th February 2024

Amelia woke up to her mother screaming at her to get out of bed and evacuate the island. As her mother pushed her out the door, Amelia saw a dragon destroy her home by freezing it and then getting a sword and chopping it in half. Amelia luckily wasn’t frozen but tragically Amelia’s family was frozen inside.

She scrambled herself onto a ship and then she found herself being raised by pirates. For some reason that was quite exciting for her. It had been a couple of days since the tragedy and the pirates were teaching her how to find treasure.

The pirates landed on a ginormous island to look for extremely rare treasure. While searching she saw rustling in a tree and something fell. She heard a cry and looked up and saw a monkey with a diamond encrusted on its chest.

Amelia became companions with the monkey because she gave them their favourite type of banana. The monkey went on her shoulder. It was browny-yellow, quite small and had a long tail. It was the only one of its kind.

The monkey gave her a gem from their collection. Whenever Amelia saw the gem she got a tingly feeling. She was surprised and it felt really strange.

“Oh my goodness, that’s weird!” she said…