The battle of Lee Roy and the Evil Monkey

St Patrick's Primary School, Holywood, P5
5th March 2024

Once there was a footballer known as Lee Roy, whose wish was to have a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets. He was grinding on Fortnight with his super smart friend Ashley Atom and they had just gotten a Victory Royale.  

Then a monkey riding a golf cart came into the room. Lee Roy ran away and then did the griddy.

He said “ Get away, evil one”. 

The monkey riding the golf cart was way faster than Lee Roy and he ran him over with the golf cart.

Lee Roy, noticed that in the back of the golf cart was a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets. When he saw the nuggets, he ran up to the golf cart, grabbed them all, and ran away.

Someone randomly appeared and stole the chicken nuggets from him. Then the monkey pulled out his banana gun and tried to shoot Lee Roy…