Benny’s Banana Journey: a very a-peeling story

Carrick Primary School, P5
15th June 2023

Once upon a time there was a banana called Benny who had a best friend called Billy who was a cherry. Benny’s biggest fear was smoothie mixers, which he’d heard stories about from Billy. Billy had told Benny about the smoothie mixers to try and scare him.

One day when Benny and Billy went to school, their teacher, Mister, brought in a smoothie mixer. Benny was scared for his life and was paralysed with fear. His Uncle Sammy, a cucumber, barged into the room to steal the smoothie mixer. 

 “What are you doing here? Bring my smoothie mixer back!” said Mister.  “I will destroy this thing whether you like it or not!” replied Uncle Sammy. 

The principal Mr Peanut came in. “What is all this arguing about?” he said. Mr Peanut realised what was happening and decided to call the police...