The Biggest Dream

Strandtown Primary School, P7
27th April 2023

Once upon a time, a pigeon called Dave landed in Africa in a strange time. He didn’t know where he was. “I’m really hungry,” he said to himself. “I’m going to go find somewhere to eat.”

He flew into a local restaurant called The Dancing Potato and smashed straight into a plate of mashed potato. He started eating the mash, until he heard an angry voice behind him.

“GET OFF THE MASHED POTATO, IT’S EVIL!” said the chef, in barely a whisper.

“But it’s so scrumptious,” said Dave.

The mashed potato suddenly grew arms and legs. The chef was confused and started asking questions.

“How did this happen?!” he exclaimed.

“My mum was a potato and my dad was human and it made me, Isabelly!”

Dave suddenly turned into a restaurant chef. Him and Isabelly ran out of the restaurant. They hid behind a bush.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Isabelly. What’s your name?”

Dave pulled off his disguise. “My name is Dave. Want to be friends?”


An alien called Frederick flew down to Earth and jumped out of a rocket. Dave was petrified. He disguised himself as an Olympic runner and ran away to a secret base. Isabelly tried to follow, but the door closed in front of her and she flopped on it. She knocked on the door.

“Where did you go?!” Being mashed potato, she slid under the door.

“Get out, Frederick! I don’t like you!” shouted Dave. He had locked himself in the bathroom. The room was dark with a few shady lights.

“I’m not Frederick,” Isabelly said.

“Phew,” he said, panting heavily. Dave quickly turned on the light and pulled Isabelly out of the door. He excitedly showed her all of his cool disguises that he’d used to run away from Frederick before.

“My biggest dream is to go to space,” Dave told Isabelly.

“I have the exact same dream,” said Isabelly. “But what if Frederick comes after us?”