Billy Bob II and the Cat Man Massacre

Victoria Primary School, P7
24th January 2024

A man and a cat in space with llamas
Illustration by Siobhan Dignan

It was a normal Friday evening. Victoria Primary School had just planted their time capsule. But there was an evil man who wanted to steal it because he didn’t want people in the future to know about the past.

He was called Billy Bob II. He stole a very fancy plane. He took the plane to go to Mars, and under an alien banana tree he found a rose-gold tablet device.

The ground on Mars was a blue-yellowish colour, there were some plants but not a lot. They were wild banana plants - brown banana plants. 

Billy Bob II found a yellowish box, and put the bananas in the box with the tablet. He went to another banana tree and he found a banana alpaca. The banana alpaca was watching out of his banana house.

SpaceCatMan was dusting his windows, and he saw Billy Bob II taking bananas and putting them in the box. He kicked down the door, and started running towards Billy Bob II. SpaceCatMan was a cat, and was much smaller than Billy Bob II. Suddenly, SpaceCatMan turned into a man. 

‘Hey! You! Why are you stealing my bananas?’ he said angrily. 

‘I’m taking the bananas to cushion my tablet so that it doesn’t get broken,’ said Billy Bob II. 

‘How come you turned into a man? You must be an alien or something!’ he asked. 

Suddenly, a pack of chocolate strawberry alpacas started muttering, and then chasing Billy Bob II. He ran back to his plane and he flew to Pluto. 

When he landed on Pluto, he saw human-pigs and human-sheep in a war. One of the sheep ran into him, and Billy Bob II fell off the planet…