Bready and the Toastpocalypse

Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School, P6
26th October 2023

Once upon a time a bread named Bready woke up in a town called Gluten Nation. There was a person named Toasty who’s a toaster and he had a big stick which he could hit into the ground and lightning and potatoes would come from the sky. Then Toasty formed a big toastnado. It had lots of potatoes and corn in it. It was really strong and had warm bread crusts inside it. The left half of the image is a collection of characters: a brown horse sticking out its tongue, a blue chicken-dino, a frog, a human boy, an alive piece of bread and an alive bagel. The right half of the image is an illustration from the story of Bready in the tornado with the potatoes and corn cobs with Nugget the blue chicken-dino looking up at this from the ground.

Bready was sucked into the toastnado and spat out into a different universe!

He bumped into a blue dino chicken called Nugget. The dino chicken asked him, “Where are you from?” 

Bready replied, “I’m from this town called Glutan Nation. I just got sucked into this toastnado and fell out of the sky.”

The dino chicken said, “Really? I don’t believe it!”

Bready was angry. “It was a toaster who had a giant stick and stuck it into the ground and lightning struck and flashed all over the place.” He got so frustrated he started going crazy and fainted.

Nugget tried to do CPR. When Bready woke up, Nugget said, “Why are you being so crusty-dusty?” Then he said, “I brought you back because I wanted to say that I’m not from here, something similar happened to me hundreds and hundreds of years ago.”

Bready said, “Where am I?”

The blue dino chicken said, “We’re in Toastville, where all the toasters live. They brought all the bread here so they can toast them. I got into the toastnado as I was sucked in by accident. I’m actually from Nuggetville.”

Suddenly, a portal appeared in the sky and an evil toaster with glowing red eyes appeared…