The Brilliant Banana

Killowen Primary School, P6/7
7th June 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

Frank the banana-alien was walking his pet rock, Rocko, in a classroom in France. Frank heard the teacher telling the class what a time capsule is. He had an idea, and he was happy to contribute to the time capsule. 

Frank said, “Hey everyone, I want you to meet my pet rock, I named him Rocko! I’m going to teach you all French and Flobdob”. Flobdob was Frank’s alien language. 

Frank had the idea of making his own time capsule for someone in years to come to find. He put a very tasty banana in it. He wrote on a piece of paper, “to open in 2022.” He taped the note onto the box. 

Then, a horde of monkeys appeared because they could smell the banana…