The Cat-Astrophe

Destruction of the Dog Treat Palace

St Joseph's Primary School, P5
22nd February 2024

The vicious cats had taken over the world and hijacked the Dog Treat Palace. Scooba had a pair of special binoculars tied around his neck and saw this from the moon. He jumped down and landed right beside the Palace. 

Scooba’s best friend Doggo jumped down as well and fell straight on top of the Palace. The roof thundered on top of the cat army and they were stuck.

The two excited dogs saw the amazing dog treats and ran for them. The cats were enraged and their King shouted, “AHHH Dogs! Get them out of here!”

“How dare they!” shouted Doggo as he saw humans run in to save the cats. The humans’ eyes were spinning in circles. Scooba gasped “No! They’re hypnotised!”

Scooba remembered when the hypnotised humans had invaded the moon. The humans had arrived in big suits and thumped all over the place.

Suddenly, the cat king’s daughter threw a dog treat in front of Doggo. He ran towards it and a cage dropped on top of him. Doggo was trapped.

“Why did you do that, Doggo? You know that cats are evil!”...

Other character idea: Tom the Toilet Roll