The Child, the Pig and the Bean Bags

Our Lady of Lourdes, P2
September 20th 2016

Bobby was never an ordinary child.  He knew he had powers in him.  He was born in Dublin in 2003 on a cloudy wet day.  His parents never let him go to school because they were afraid other people would find out about his powers.

One day Bobby snuck out of the bungalow without his parents knowing.  He was feeling lonely.  He was walking down the road.  It was another cloudy day.  Suddenly he saw a pig running out of the butchers, and he knew at first sight that that would be his new best friend.

At second glimpse, Bobby saw that the pig had a halo around his head and its feet looked like clouds.  He thought that this pig might also have magical powers.

“Oi! You! Over there!” shouted Bobby Dylan.

The pig looked around in astonishment, clutching her chest.  She’d never seen a human up close before and she thought that he might try to catch her.  She used her halo to strike wind at Bobby Dylan.

Bobby was prepared for this.  He used his power to change the direction of the wind.  It blew back towards Piggy Miss Pigalot, catching her by surprise.  She took off one of her cloud shoes and threw it around herself, creating a force field.

“Do you have superpowers too?!” Bobby shouted inquisitively.

Before Piggy Miss Pigalot could respond, bean bags started pouring from the heavens…