Conquering Love in the Galaxy

New-Bridge Integrated College, Year 9

11th April 2024

It was Ben’s birthday. He had just woken up. He was excited because he was going to do his favourite thing. He was going to conquer another planet. He teleported from Mars to Earth by imagining where he was going. 

He was conquering the USA, which was one of the strongest countries. Ben could trick people with his mind and make them do whatever he wanted. When he had nearly finished conquering the USA, there was one person left.

It was a woman named Laura, and when he saw her he knew that he loved her but his stomach was aching. He had used his power too much.

‘Why can’t I take over her mind?!’ thought Ben to himself. He was completely bamboozled.

‘This is impossible!’

What Ben didn’t know was that the other NATO powers were sending missiles...