Cosmo the Monkey in Space

St Joseph's Primary School, P5
21st February 2024

Once upon a time, deep in Space, Cosmo the monkey and his parents were practising their intense survival training. They heard a loud BANG on their futuristic Spaceship - it was being attacked!

Suddenly everyone on the ship started sprinting in fear to the escape pods. Bob the Talking Toilet Paper had gotten through the secret entrance!

Just then, Cosmo couldn’t see because there was lots of thick smoke - his parents had already fled for the escape pods, leaving him behind.

Cosmo was calling to his parents, ‘Mum! Dad! Where are you?’ Then he realised they were already in the escape pod.

Cosmo started running towards the escape pods. His parents didn’t see him. He tried to jump to the one they were in but slipped on peanut butter.

There was one escape pod left, but then it malfunctioned…