A Crazy Day at Work

Carrick Primary School, P7
16th April 2024


There was a boy called Jeremy who had a trusting family. His job was as a mechanic. Every day he woke up at 6 am for work. He put on his work clothes hurriedly and he drove to work at The Workbench. 

When he got to work, surprisingly no one was there. He checked his phone and realised he’d arrived a bit earlier than usual that day. He was just about to leave and everybody came back. The boss came in. They were at the shop.

‘Oh you’re here early, Jeremy. We were just getting some supplies.’

‘Why are you spending that money, you know we’ve got money problems.’

‘I could get you fired for talking to me like that,’ said the boss.


Jeremy was annoyed because they only had a week to pay before they went out of business!

Jeremy’s BFF, Conor, arrived in his car. There was something wrong with the engine and he wanted to get it fixed.

Jeremy opened the bonnet and there was a clown under the bonnet!


‘What’s that doing there?!’ said Conor.

Jeremy said, ‘How in the world did that get there?!’


‘I’ll eat your grippers!’ said the clown.
Jeremy screamed…