The Crazy Drawing Adventures of Bill Pencilton and Peppa-Cena

Downpatrick Primary School, P7
27th February 2024

This is a story about Bill. He is from Pencil Pencil land. But he lay angrily in a pencil case because he was stuck in it. All the other pencils were pushing him, and shouting at him, and he was missing his best friend Peppa-Cena. 

Bill is a pencil, who is four hundred years old. He is a decrepit, old pencil. Bill isn’t an ordinary pencil, because whatever he draws comes to life. Bill can make himself look younger by drawing himself younger. Peppa-Cena is a piece of bacon, and also pig-farmer. She has a Fiat 110-90 with a straightpipe.

Even though Bill has a best friend, he is lonely. He wants a pencil best friend because Peppa-Cena is always too busy on the farm. Bill drew a chainsaw in the air, and he cut his way out of the pencil case. Then, he stitched it up behind him so none of the other pencils could escape. He escaped in a Fiat 1380. 

But a human was trying to take advantage of his magic powers. The Fiat only drove fifty-seven miles an hour, so he called the Pencil Police. They came in a Lamborghini Aventador.

The human snatched the police car, picked the pencils out of it, and snapped them! Bill jumped out of the tractor and hopped away, thinking he was the coolest pencil ever. 

Just then, he found a piece of paper. He wanted to draw something to help himself, but what was he going to draw…