The Dancing Disaster

Strandtown Primary School, P7
25th April 2023

Once upon a time, there was a strawberry jellybean called Joe, and he liked to dance. It was his main priority. Joe was a part of the jellybean sweet jar, in a shop called “Jimmy Sweets”. Joe was going to enrol into a dance competition at a market stall in the centre of the town. His main dance would be the Griddy.  

All his other jellybean friends had left him, and he was the last one in the jar. He was devastated and lonely. He had no friends, apart from Rick Boris the mint chocolate. Customers didn’t really want to eat mint chocolate so Rick felt really left out and rejected.   

Rick Boris was in the jar right next to the jellybean, and they could see each other through the glass but they couldn’t hear each other. They used a sign language called sugar language to communicate.  

The dance competition was also a singing competition. Rick Boris and Joe had their own language, the sugar language.  

Rick Boris and Joe the jellybean couldn’t stop thinking about the competition. They were scared of losing it, and they were even dreaming about it. It was infused in their brains.  

They were going to compete against each other, and they were both eager to win.  

Rick climbed out of his jar. It was easy for him because he was at the top. He made a ladder out of candy canes to help Joe escape. When they were standing outside the sweet shop, Rick said cheekily, “I’m going to beat you!”  

“We’ll see about that!” said Joe in his cocky voice.  

Joe fell asleep because he was so tired from climbing the candy cane ladder, and while he was sleeping, Rick jumped on his friend and squashed his jelly leg, so he couldn’t dance…