The Dawn of the Chocolate Shaving Cream

Strandtown Primary School, P4
9th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
It was the dead of night and Robbie was drawing lines on the football pitch. The Word Tournament 1928 was happening the next day. Robbie's dog, Barker, was helping him. Barker was a Border Collie. He was a small furry dog with black and white stripey fur. 

As always, Robbie was out in pink fluffy pajamas, brown slippers and a pink bathrobe. He was eating toast with butter and Chocoate Shaving Cream when he heard a bump. 

'WOOF!' shouted Barker. 

'Have you found something, Barker?' asked Robbie. 

'Woof,' said Barker. 

Barker ran back a few steps to find a corner of a box sticking out of the ground...