The Day Kitty Went To the Moon

Stendhal Festival of Art, Festival Words
August 13th 2016

One day, Kitty the cat woke up. Kitty was white and the end of her tail was multi-coloured. She decided to go to the pet centre which was next door to her house. She needed to get more cat food.
Kitty’s best friend Kit the fox was working in the pet shop.

‘Hi,’ said Kitty, ’Do you have a rocket so I can go to the moon?’

‘Yes,’ said Kit, ‘We have red rockets in all different sizes.’

‘I’d like a small one,’ replied Kitty.

‘Can I go to the moon with you?’ asked Kit.

‘Yes! But we’re going to need a bigger rocket,’ said Kitty.

They left the shop with the rocket in a cardboard box. They went to the builder’s workshop. The builder was a jaguar called Bob Melon. Kit was friends with the builder but Kitty had never met him before. As soon as they arrived at Bob Melon’s house Kitty screamed.

‘Mrrreeeeooooowww!! I’m out of here!’ and off she ran...