The Deadly Potion

Fane Street Primary School, P7
13th March 2024

My name is Sophia. I’m 21. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I’m a nuclear tester. I live in an apartment with a creepy guy. My husband and my father, who worked together, died in an explosion. I cried and cried a lot. My heart was broken. I have a best friend named Tom but I have a weird feeling about him. 

As I was working in my lab, I found an unexpected potion in a beaker that my dad was really fond of. Red like blood and bubbling like magma in water. Then I found a note beside it:

“Hello Sophia. I am your father and I am now working in New York with other scientists. I’ve made you this potion. Use it wisely.”

I thought it was a strange note because my father is dead so I examined it in my lab. It looked like the potion I saw in his lab before he died. I might have to study it more before knowing exactly what it does, but if my studies are correct I might have to drink it. And if not, I will use it on the tests in my lab to see how they react.


I decided to drink the potion. But then I saw my dad but I wasn’t sure. I started feeling a bit funny. My head started spinning and I couldn’t see clearly. My legs started wobbling. I felt like my stomach had butterflies. I could feel my mouth foaming. I felt my heart stop for a split second. Then I collapsed to the ground. 


When I woke up, I was in another dimension in the future…