DeShobi and Her Explosive Powers

An illustration to accompany DeShobie and her Explosive Powers, written by Wheatfield Primary School, P5Wheatfield Primary School, P5
September 30th 2015

There once was a lovely girl who lived in a cottage.

Her name was DeShobi. Next door lived an evil witch who had never harmed her next door neighbour.     

One day, DeShobi met a boy called Kingdom Bear in the Forest.

DeShobi saw the boy’s shadow was in the shape of a bear! Suddenly the day turned into night and it all became creepy.     

Behind the boy DeShobi saw a flying shark with a snake tongue.

DeShobi said to the boy, “What is that behind you?!”    

“I don’t know,” said Kingdom Bear. “I’ll go and get the guards to come here.”    

Kingdom Bear went to get the guards but DeShobi was sacred they would be too late.

She decided to fight the flying shark with her exploding powers…