The Diaries of Sparkie, the Butterfly and the Raterpillar

Stranmillis University College, Year 2 B.Ed
3rd March 2021

Sparkie was alone in a dark street and it was pouring with rain. Another night had gone by with Sparkie having nowhere to call home.  As he looked for shelter under a thin twiggy tree he, he bumped into a strange looking creature.

‘AHHHHHHH!!’ exclaimed Sparkie. The all too familiar smell of rat surrounded him, but there was something slightly different about this smell. Just then his best friend Leo came running out of the drain. With hundreds of legs and a wiry tail, he slid out of the drain, running (but also partly slithering) towards Sparkie. Raindrops were dripping from his two pointy ears.

Before Sparkie and Leo could say anything else, a butterfly flew past. Sparkie’s tail curled between his legs and his heart started thumping at one hundred miles per hour. His eyes grew large as he became paralysed with fear. 

‘Oh no! Not again!’ sighed Leo. This was a regular occurrence for Sparkie and one that Leo was all too familiar with.  Leo stood up as tall as his little legs would allow, to shoo the butterfly away but the butterfly landed on Sparkie’s nose and…