The Egg Juggling Six-Year-Old

Mossley Primary School, P6
10th October 2023An egg-man at the carnival with a young boy. the egg man has a crack on his head.

Jimmy Bob Frank lived in an old town and the houses were made of wood. Jimmy Bob Frank lived with his father and his baby brother. His mum died last year. His mum was a firefighter and she had died in a fire when she was trying to save someone. Because his mum died Jimmy Bob Frank wanted to be a firefighter as well.

Jimmy Bob’s favourite food was potatoes and he liked to juggle eggs in school. One of the eggs broke on one of his classmates’ heads. The teacher wasn’t pleased and took him to the principal's office. When he was in the principal’s office he was juggling eggs again and one of the eggs dropped on the principal’s head and it knocked him unconscious and Jimmy Bob escaped from school. He used one of his eggs to crack the window and jumped out and ran away. 

After he escaped from school he practised juggling eggs again at the carnival and entered a competition called The World Class Egg Juggling Competition. Whoever won at the carnival would get £1000 and a trophy. 

Eggy Boy joined the competition and then Jimmy Bob hit Eggy Boy in the head with an egg. 

“What is wrong with you?!” Eggy Boy exclaimed in an American accent.

“I’m terribly sorry,” said Jimmy Bob in an apologetic voice.

They became friends because Jimmy Bob said sorry and took him to hospital.

Eggy Boy’s father was a firefighter and said that Jimmy Bob and Eggy Boy could go to his work to see his fire engine.

Suddenly, the hospital started burning…

Illustration by Sinead Farry