Einstein's Juicy Mind

Illustration of Einstein and Willow, story by Holy Trinity Primary School
Illustrations by Jonathan Beck

Holy Trinity Primary School, P5
21st March 2023

Firstly, there was a kid called Einstein (he was a uniquely juicy apple!). He once was the apple of his teacher’s eye, but then one day he fell from his tree with a SPLAT and a SQUISH! He lost a lot of juice, and got a concussion. He was rushed to hospital and the doctor said he couldn’t afford to stay in the hospital so he had to stay at home in his own bed.

When he went back to school, he was taking a maths quiz and he started to realise how much he had missed. This made him feel embarrassed, anxious and frustrated. During lunchtime in the yard, Willow the Watermelon asked, 

“Are you okay?”

“Yup! Just fine!” said Einstein, giving a big thumbs up. 

Willow sat down beside Einstein and put her arm around him and said in a soft voice, “How can I help?”

Einstein replied in a whimper, “I, I, have lost my juicy self!”...

Illustration of Einstein the Apple

Einstein the Apple and Willow the Watermelon