Ellie F and the Zombie Princess

Nettlefield Primary School, P2
June 13th 2016

Princess Moray Kadenza went to the Royal Ball. There were lots of decorations and people dancing and singing. The women’s dresses were like rainbows in the sky.

Ellie F the elephant and Princess Moray Kadenza were eating cake with purple and pink strawberry icing.

“Yum!” said Ellie F.

“I love cake! I love cake because it’s yummy in my tummy!” sang Princess Moray Kadenza.

Suddenly, zombies ran into the ball. They wanted to steal Princess Moray Kadenza’s glass slippers to give them to their wives!

“EEEERRRGH,” said the zombies, shaking their arms angrily.

Ellie F the elephant picked up the zombies with her trunk. She opened the balcony windows and put them outside. But Ellie F was bitten by a zombie and turned into a zombie herself…