The Evil Shoes

Portadown Integrated Primary School, P5
22nd March 2023

Once there was a pair of red trainers with eyes called Evil Shoes that liked eating toes. The man who sold them was very cruel.

Illustration by Sam Savage

Everyone who came to his store wanted to buy these shoes but  brought them back when they noticed all of their other shoes were all ripped up and the red shoes were trying to eat their toes.

Evil Shoes had started by biting the shoe seller’s toes and ripping up all the shoes in the shop. The shoe seller started painting other shoes red to disguise them, and Evil Shoes was painted brown. People didn’t realise this until everyone started getting their toes bit.

Finally, Evil Shoes was kicked out of the shop and he found a friend outside, Massive Toe. Massive Toe was not normal. He had become detached from a giant. When the shoe seller had seen the giant walking down the street, he thought: if I could make a giant shoe to bite the giant’s toes off…

The shoe who bit the giant’s toe off was originally a normal sized shoe of someone who worked in a nuclear power plant. But it fell into a vat of nuclear waste and grew 3 thousand times bigger.

But the giant shoe escaped.

After a while of Evil Shoes being friends with Massive Toe, he told him about his plan to rule the world and destroy all of the comfy shoes. They were going to team up…


Extra character ideas -  illustrated by Sam Savage