Fire Dog Gets Adopted

Elmgrove Primary School, P6
18th October 2023

Fire Dog was a collie and he had been in the dog adoption centre for two or three months. One day a family showed up and picked him because they thought he was cute. Fire Dog was really shy, and then he spotted something on the first day. He barked curiously at an immense bee. The big bee buzzed back.

“Hey, what’s your name? I’ve never seen a bee your size before.”

“And I’ve never seen you before. My name is Bob,” said the bee.

“My name is Fire Dog and I’m going to eat you!”

Bob buzzed back, “No! I’m precious to my family. I’ve lived here for two years. My hive is in the backyard.”

That night, the two friends both dreamed about London. The next morning, Fire Dog said, “Do you want to come to London with me? I’ve never seen Big Ben.”

“Yes, I can fly us!” replied Bob.

While they were flying to London, above the houses, Fire Dog saw a super cat who was freezing cars on the road. The road was so icy that the cars were sliding really fast and flipping over.

Fire Dog said to Bob, “LOOK THERE’S A CAT FREEZING ALL THE CARS! Let me sort this out, I have powers...”

Character ideas, illustrations by Sinead Farry