Fluffball's Great Adventure

Our Lady of Lourdes, P6
September 22nd 2016

Once there was a dog called Nanny who had six puppies. One puppy was called Fluffball and he was the smallest dog of the litter. He was different to the other dogs because his fur was fluffier and his eyes were bigger. The other dogs teased him because he was different.

Fluffball’s mother stayed close to him because she liked his fur. All the other dogs teased him because he wanted to be a super dog. He didn’t like it when the other dogs teased him. When he was upset he wanted to slap the other dogs and run away.

To escape from the other puppies teasing him, he went to his friend Nuts the squirrel. He knew that Nuts would understand why he was upset.

“Hello,” said Fluffball. “Do you get what I’m going through?”

“Of course I do, I’m your friend. There is a way for you to get away from those nasty other dogs,” said Nuts.

“Tell me what it is, please, Nuts,” said Fluffball.

“I can tell you where the closest animal shelter is and someone could adopt you,” said Nuts.

On the way to the animal shelter, a girl called Lily picked up Fluffball…