The Football Sensation

St Vincent De Paul's Primary School, P6/7

Some dogs outside a kebab shop
Illustration by Emma Gibb

25th January 2024


There once was a dog mother who had a very muscly pup. She abandoned him because she did not like how muscly he was. Geoffrey was left on the streets. He was walking and walking and walking, looking for food. He didn’t find food, but he found a rat named Tara. 

Geoffrey ended up going into a kebab shop. He took a big bite of a kebab straight from the skewer and ran out. He ended up falling because he ran into an open manhole while being chased by a man from the shop. 

A man saw him go into the manhole and helped him out. He started talking to him.  

“My name is Bugha. I coach football teams. Do you like playing football?” the man asked, after seeing a football on his collar. 

“Yeah, I’ve watched some kids play it,” said Geoffrey. 

When Geoffrey and Bugha were walking they saw an animal shelter and decided to go look in it. In the shelter there was a dog named Scabbidy. Geoffrey told the shelter he wanted Scabbidy to come home with him to practise playing football with him. 

After a while, Bugha said that Scabbidy wasn’t good enough at football and he was going to have to abandon him. He wanted to put all of his attention to Geoffrey, but Geoffrey wanted him to stay. Geoffrey had a choice of who he wanted to go with…