The Forgotten Sword 

Victoria Primary School, Newtownards, P7
13th December 2023

“Have you ever hidden a time capsule before? Because Sir William Wigglesworth had hidden something.” 

He had hidden something magical, before he died he hid it inside an immortal pig, which can only be killed by a knife on fire. It happened a hundred years ago when he was the best knight of all time. It was hidden because if it got into the wrong hands a lot of terrible mischief could happen. 

A couple of days before Christmas, before George the butcher knew he was a time traveller he found the pig and tried to steal it to sell bacon. George failed to kill the pig and a hippopotamus that ate Spaghetti Hoops and Cheerios came out of the pig. Suddenly he found himself in another dimension where time travelling went wrong. He was in a land that was called the Forbidden Zone, which was purple and black and full of lava. 

Everything living teleported into the forbidden zone.

The pig started to dislike George because he was trying to turn him into bacon. He transformed into a Borax, pinched George’s bum and flew away…