The Frog and the Girl

Victoria Primary School, P7
30th November 2023

A purple frog with Elvis-hair and a fly standing in a snowy landscape with trees in the background and an igloo and a girl in the foreground.
Illustration by Sam Savage

Jerry the purple frog lived in a forest in Antarctica. He wanted to do something fun with his best friend, Whiz the fly.  

“Why don’t we recite the declaration of independence?” suggested Whiz.

“No, I don’t want to,” said Jerry. “I want to go find a girlfriend.”

They strolled out of the tree. It was white and snowy and bright. They saw a girl coming out of an igloo. They walked over. 

“Yo yo, can I get your Buzz Chat?”

“Yes, you can. By the way, my name is Susie.”

“My name is Whiz - I mean, Jerry,” stuttered Jerry.

Susie burst out laughing. Jerry went purple but nobody noticed because he was a purple poison dart frog.

“Would you like to come in?” Susie said. 

“Yes, please, ” said Jerry.

Inside, the walls were covered with pictures of frogs eating apples. There was a stack of pillows next to the bed.  

“What …… are they?” asked Jerry.

“Those are my best art works,” said Susie.

Whiz was confused. He roared like a hippopotamus.  

“Why do you draw pictures of frogs eating apples?” asked Jerry.

“I like doing pictures of random stuff,” replied Susie. “Why don’t I paint a picture of you beside the pillows?”

Just then, all of the pillows woke up …