The Girl and the Alien

Blythefield Primary School, P4
7th February 2024

A green alien with 4 eyes, two arms and three legs on a pink backgroundIt was just a normal day. Maddie was on her way to dance class. It was the first time she was going to this class and she hoped she would meet new friends. She was feeling happy.

She was in the car and her mum was driving. Whenever she went to dance class she made friends. Her dance teacher was called Miss Hutton. 

Maddie wasn’t expecting to see her friend Jack that day. Jack arrived on his spaceship and parked it on the roof of the dance school. 

He appeared from behind the dance mirrors. The class was scared when they saw him. Jack was green and had two arms and three legs and four eyeballs. The class started to freak out and ran out of the door. 

Maddie wasn’t surprised because Jack did this all the time. Maddie said “What are you doing here?” “Maddie I’ve ran out of muffins! I can’t get them on the moon and they’re my favourite food!”

Suddenly another alien arrived. It was Jack’s cousin who also loved muffins. He was freaking out because there was no food or water left on the moon…