The Goblin in the Mountains

St Dallan's Primary School, P5

16th April 2024

This is Gerald, the Goblin he wants to be nice but he is really scary. He destroys houses and he looks a wee bit scary. He has a very long nose, sharp teeth, warts and extremely green skin.Gerald is very clumsy, he accidentally hurts people and turns them into stone.


His best friend is Harry. He is a giant gummy bear. Harry tries to help Gerald be nice and inspires him to be kind and help people. Although Gerald is very terrifying he is very funny. Gerald also tries to make friends but everyone is scared of him. Gerald is the size of  a skyscraper.


Gerald announced to Harry, “Come on, let's go outside and try and make some friends.”

“But you know we can't make any friends because look at the size of us,” shouted Harry.

“We could try,” replied Gerald. “It might not be that hard at all.”

They decided to look around the mountains to find some friends. But everyone would just run away.


“And everytime we try we always mess up and like we stand on a house or something,”said Harry.


"But it might be different and we can always try," replied Gerald.


“I think we should turn back. I dont think we are going to make any friends here," said Harry.


“Fine, you can go back,” said Gerald. “ But I am going to keep looking..."