The Golden Toy Train

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Galbraith’s P4

                                                           Illustration by Eileen Neill

14th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Joe the Archaeologist had a lab under the Titanic Building. They had been in Paris on holiday and had seen a toy train in a toy shop there. The toy train was the best boy toy there. It was spray painted gold.

Joe had a little boy who was very lonely and he wanted to give him something for his birthday. He really wanted his little boy to be happy. He didn’t have any money because he had given it all to charity.

There was only one left so he decided to steal it before someone else got it. It was too risky to steal it during the day so he waited until night time when the store was closed. He had to get past eight guards to get into the shop. He had a stink bomb in his pocket so he threw it on the ground and all the smelly smoke got into the guards’ faces. Then they fainted and Joe broke in through a window.

Joe looked up and saw Alexandra looking down at him.

Alexandra was in Paris on holiday from Australia. She was looking out her window when she saw Joe jump out the toyshop window. She saw the sparkle and recognised that the toy train was one of the finest toys in the world. Alexandra ran down the stairs and snatched the toy from Joe and ran into the shadows…