The Great White Returns

Barnardos Family Connections Family Learning Club
June 9th 2016

Snappy the Shark was born in the deep blue sea on the 16th of June 1962. 

Snappy’s greatest wish was to have an adventure on land.  He wanted to go to the Titanic Quarter Belfast and build the greatest building in the world.

Snappy had heard the story of the Titanic sinking.  He felt sad and he wanted to build a building to remember the people who had died on the ship.

POOF!  Suddenly Snappy had legs!  POOF!  Suddenly he had arms!

Snappy came out of the water. He wasn’t wearing any clothes.  He felt cold.  He looked around and saw seashells and seagull feathers.  He decided to make a suit so that the humans wouldn’t recognise him.  He felt strange because he had lungs instead of gills.

He wanted to find some wood so he went to the forest at Cave Hill.  Suddenly a basketball made a bouncible entrance.

“Boo!” shouted the basketball.

“AAARRRGH!” said Snappy as he slipped on some wet, red leaves.  He rolled halfway down the hill.

The basketball followed him.  “YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!  You need to build the building of your dreams before 6 o clock tomorrow evening or you will turn back into a shark!”…