Greg and the Dancing Dilemma

St Dallan's Primary School, P5
23rd April 2024

While Greg was getting ready that morning, he was practicing making a special chocolate that he had never made before. He brought some of the chocolate with him while he was cycling to his dance class. He was feeling excited and he ate the whole box of chocolates which was the size of his head!!! He was fatter than a Sumo wrestler and the back wheel of his cycle fell off. And Greg started barking because he was angry as he could not cycle to his class.

Then he had to walk for an hour to his dance class. Greg was very hairy and he was a bright yellow colour. He was wearing a blue top hat. After the dance class Greg and Saucy went to the Special Dog Cafe, where everything was for dogs. 

Saucy said, “Lets make a new chocolate together.” Greg said, “Once you ate the chocolates it will make you fly up into the air.” They were talking for so long that the owner came and said they had to buy something or they have to leave.So Greg ordered a burger with extra pickles.

They were walking back to the dance class when they saw a man on the side of the road who was soaking wet….