Grey Squirrel Mountain

17th April 2024
Starling Revival Legacy Project


A long time ago in a town far away there was a creature that was half man half horse, and his name was Seuss. He has black hair, a goatee, and likes trains, and is neurodiverse. 


A tornado hits and Seuss tries to save his favourite train using his super-strength. The train was full of the kids at an orphanage that he volunteers at, as well as his family, the very last Centaurs. Seuss wasn’t fast enough or strong enough to save the train. It disappeared into a tunnel under Grey Squirrel Mountain, and the entrance caved in.


Seuss goes to collect his son at school and realises that his son was with the rest of his family on the train. His best friend George the 130 year old vampire says, ‘Hey! I used to be a coal miner, I can help you clear away the rocks in the tunnel under the mountain.’ 


They drive back in George’s car, a really old Rolls Royce (with a blinged-out horse box for Seuss), to Grey Squirrel Mountain, a grey squirrel nature reserve covered in trees. The squirrels consider Seuss their nemesis, because he never volunteered at the grey squirrel orphanage, only the half-human half-animal orphanage.


When Seuss and George arrive, a hundred thousand grey squirrels led by their king surround the car…