How Far Will Elezar Go For A Gold Dress?

Ballymac Friendship club
October 19th 2015

“I want - I WANT that gold dress!” shouted Elezar. Elezar was sitting in his room in his beautiful jewelled castle, eating soft bananas.

He was on Facebook on the Shankill Buy and Sell page when he was astounded by a gold sparkly dress.

Elezar lived in a castle in Crystalland. Crystalland was full of diamonds.

There were pick-axes everywhere so the people could get near the diamonds.

There was a lake that shimmered in the light of the purple sun and a crystal ocean that reflected the crystal sky.

There was an exotic forest over in the distance that was full of fruit: sour fruit and soft crystal bananas.

“I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog!” sang Elvis the powerful genie, who was sitting in the hot tub, carefully avoiding the sauna (where he might disappear).

“Help! Help!” shouted Elezar. “Fudge the hamster is trying to attack me with his sharp claws!”

Elvis the genie jumped out of the hot tub, magicked on his snowy white jumpsuit and flew up the stairs to help his friend…